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To place an order for a Mimi's Snuggles item please email me at

We will be able to talk about the item, colors, fonts, and design.

If I am shipping items to you, I should have it shipped with in two weeks of your order.

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News and Events

Mimi's Snuggles is on the map. Mimi's Snuggles was debuted on Good Morning Texas on Monday morning. The segment was about Momprenuers, Mimi's Snuggles was showcased along side another company. The other mom makes very cute aprons that are pretty reasonably priced.

The link below is to the segment.

Emma Burp Cloths

I had a request for birth cloths for a baby shower. The little one's colors are pink, brown, and light green. This was fun to find fabric for. I love the pink and green burp cloth the best.

Reunion Quilt

I have a family reunion coming up this Satruday. It is our 49th reunion. We have an action each year to raise money for the next year. Usually anything family oriented goes really well and raises a lot of money. Since next year is our 50th reunion I thought I would do something specail to help raise money. There are 11 children in my grandfather's family. I found the last picture taken of all 11 children together. I put it on the quilt along with the children's names and birthdates. I think it turned out very well. It looks better in person, the pictures do not do it justice.

Taggy Blanket

It never fails that you can buy a child the most beautiful blanket or stuffed animal and they are going to find the tag and suck on it or play with it. So here you go, these taggy blankets solve the problem. You get a cute small hand held blanket with a bunch of tags on it.

The Taggy Blankets run $15.00

Burp Cloths

Every mother knows the importance of a burp cloth. But they also know the importance of them looking cute while they are out and about with their little one.

I can do all kinds of things with burp cloths. You just let me know what style you want: with fabric, with out fabric, full name, initials, initial and name. The options are limitless.

Here are a few burp cloths that I have made. Check back for new ones all the time.

A set of 3 Burp clothes are $20.00.

Scripture Quilt

When a new child of God's comes into the world it needs all the prayers that it can have. Leaving the hospital is that child's first view into the huge scary world around them. It is a great gift to have your precious gift wrapped in a quilt that has scripture all over it.

These are a few of the scripture quilts I have made. I try to match the room decor with the fabric of the quilt. You can request the scriptures that will be on the quilt or I can share my general scriptures I use. There can even be a special name are on the back to say who gave the quilt and on what day.
This quilt was made for a little girl and her room is decorated in purple and butterflies.

This quilt was made for a little cowboy. His room is decorated in blues and browns.

Most quilts will range in price from $80 - $100. This depends on the fabric that is selected for the quilt. I try to keep the cost down as much as possible and find fabric on sale.

If you are interested in purchasing a quilt please leave a post and I will contact you.

A Little About Me

This is a little about me. I learned how to sew at a young age and had a blast. My best friend's mother taught me while I was in 4-H. We mainly sewed clothes for the 4-H Show. I never lost the love for sewing. I received my Great Grandmother's sewing machine. It has served its purpose well. I still use it to this day when I am working on multiple projects.

In high school I took a interior design class and loved it as well. My teachers would say I was a little to artsy fartsy on my projects so this class was right up my alley. We had a sewing project and I made a round pillow. I still have it, it does not match anything in my house so I probably should recover it.

During high school I worked in a little children's boutique and got great ideas of blankets and little fun things for babies. While I was in college my high school swim coach and his wife had a baby so I thought I will make a blanket. It was my first baby blanket I ever made. That was ten years ago. I ran into my coach a couple of years ago and his son still sleeps with that blanket.

I have made little things here and there for friends when they have had children. Mostly blankets and burp cloths. Some baby bedding, and a lot of curtians and pillows.

When I was pregnant with my first child I received a scripture quilt from the lady that taught me how to sew. A scripture quilt is a small quilt that you take to the hospital with you so that you child can leave the hospital and start his or her new life wrapped in God's Scripture. It was the most precious gift I could have received. Last year I helped a friend make a scripture quilt for her sister-in-law. Since then I have made two more and ventured out into making other small quilts as well.

Along with the scripture quilts my baby blankets have come a long way. Every child should have a silk blanket, so my baby blankets have silk or a soft fabric on one side and another form of soft fabric, along with their name on it if so desired. I have started making matching burp cloths to go along with the blankets. Also I make diaper and wipe carriers.

My love for sewing has grown and grown. It is my time to get away and relieve all my stress. I love making things and help others give a hand made cute gift.